September 26

Santa Monica Mondays……

Mondays always feel like a necessary new beginning….and arriving to The Viceroy in Santa Monica one Monday this month after spending some time further South felt like our trip was just beginning in some ways……seemingly unassuming from the outside, this beautifully designed and decorated hotel on the inside is a world away from the boulevarde […]

September 19

A colonial outpost……

Arriving after sunset into Denpasar, the sweet smell of incense and the tropical humidity are overwhelming…in a good way……as the gamelan plays over the loud speakers and the holiday revellers feel the pressures of work and life at home dissipate, the movement towards the gates and the night air is quietly feverish….. As we twist […]

August 21

Take a walk…….

A few days in the mountains and the hustle and frenetic pace of the city seems to wind down visibly…..waking to the sound of the birds in the rice paddies, the dew slowly melting away, families beginning their mornings harvest, the smell of Bali coffee being brewed…… Wapa Di Ume in Ubud, Bali is tucked […]

August 12

Frida K……..

Frida on a wall in the streets of Bali… her short life she produced some of the most uncompromising and beautiful self portraits, & was a corner stone of the Modern Mexican art & cultural movement. The rainbow of colours & symbols used throughout her body of work inspired by Mexico, her Motherland, are striking […]

August 09

Monkey Forest Road…….

In amongst the rice paddies….away from all the city night lights, Ubud is a place that has captivated artists, renegades, musicians and wanderers for generations……. colourful streets, artists homes and galleries, luscious forests, breathtaking terraced rice fields, the roar of the river….. Walking down Monkey Forest Road from the Northern end of town, the throngs […]

August 02

The Parker …..Palm Springs

Walking in to the Parker Hotel in Palm Springs is kind of like taking a trip and being transported back to the birthplace of 70’s glamour….Towering, unapologetic orange doors greet you at the entrance, tall ceilings let an abundance of natural light in, bursts of colour against a forgiving white back drop are endless, coloured […]

July 08

I’m on the road to Babylon……

We have been lucky enough to be in Bali for the last 3 weeks and inspiration for our home seems to appear around each and every corner…..I walked in to the Goddess of Babylon store in Seminyak the other day, and apart from the beautifully crafted, whimsical clothes that lined the racks, I turned around […]


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