July 08

I’m on the road to Babylon……

We have been lucky enough to be in Bali for the last 3 weeks and inspiration for our home seems to appear around each and every corner…..I walked in to the Goddess of Babylon store in Seminyak the other day, and apart from the beautifully crafted, whimsical clothes that lined the racks, I turned around to see a cleverly used small, external space decorated so effectively that it had become a feature of the store itself…..Bali seems to present this idea constantly…beauty finds itself expressed in an an individual marigold resting in the corner of each step in a set of stairs, cars with offerings placed carefully under their windscreen wipers or attached to the front of their motorbikes, a bathroom with a wall of mirrors and beautifully hand painted floor tiles, and a palm tree growing through the roof of a boutique on the main road….all just part of the beauty that Bali inspires….

Turning a utilitarian space in to a feature is often easier than you think…..who says a laundry can’t become one of the most colourful places in your home, or that a skinny hallway leading to each of the bedrooms can’t feature pieces of art and mismatched mirrors to reflect the light…and hanging succulents in tiny terrariums for the bathroom to bring some life in to an everyday space?

The Goddess of Babylon, Seminyak store displays the charm and thoughtfulness in a small, outdoor space just beautifully….and why not…a pleasing wall for the senses….

Antlers, marigolds, plants and tribal treasures……Goddess of Babylon, Jl. Kayu Aya (Oberoi) Seminyak..Bali


Cowrie shells have been known to represent wealth, fertility & birth….


A clever lead up to the bathroom doors…..



IMG_8449 - Version 2

Feathers in glasses….serene and simple

IMG_8457 - Version 2

Little treasures…

IMG_8466 - Version 2