July 03

Pastels and colour palettes….

Apart from the abundant natural beauty in Bali, the boutiques here seem to express the kind of unbridled creativity a lot of their counterparts in big cities around the world can only manufacture in their dreams….Their use of textures, colours, accessories, and lighting attract even the most non-retail minded….so many of the stores I walk […]

June 29

A day on the East side……..

There is a reason that so many people who come here for the first time…never leave, and others come back time and time again…the island of Bali is captivating and enchanting and seems to sweep you up in its daily chaos and ritualistic harmony. Everywhere you look colours and the throngs of life drift over […]

March 06

Looking through rose coloured glasses….

I saw these two beauties on our way up to Queensland on the East Coast of Australia…. This modern take on a glass chandelier was hanging in the entrance to a timber floored, pale green walled, art deco terrace converted in to a retail store. I love the different heights at which each light was […]

January 30

Trip the light fantastic……

Hey there & welcome to Frida’s Room in 2013! I have always maintained that the new year never officially starts until February…..January is the month for curbing over indulgences of the Summer evenings gone by, thinking about what it is we would like to be/do/make/learn/attempt in the new year, and getting ready to navigate and […]

October 18

Over the Golden Gate Bridge & in to the mountains we go……

Some of the greatest cities in the world have tiny pockets hidden just outside their centres where the urban essence remains but space and quiet can still be found. Here in this gem of a pocket we found the finest food, smooth wine, great people and breathtaking views. The fresh pine  air mixed with freshly […]

October 11

Mitch & Mace….say their do’s

A romantic wedding in the middle of the desert with an intimate group of family and friends…..As the sun set behind the mountains the stunning bride walked out in to the warm evening air. Guests dressed for the occasion, boho luxe and bow ties were abundant. Mojitos and iced white wine to sip, hay bales […]

October 01

The Ace of Spades….In the Springs

There’s something different about checking in to a hotel that actually takes note of its’ surroundings. Thats’ style and colour palette is dictated by its environment….something old is new and old, and then new again. The Ace fosters a comfortable relationship between what was and what is. A classic retake with modern, artistic influences and […]


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